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Website Redesign Like a Pro

There’s more to redesigning a website than you think. A high-quality website is at the heart of any successful web marketing campaign. Understand your company’s needs with our 8 easy website redesign process evaluation steps.

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The Online Stores Hub Approach to eCommerce Web Design

Solutions tailored to your brand

Draws in visitors and converts them to customers through engagement

With the latest tools and technologies, your website will keep your viewers’ attention and make it easy for them to become customers.

Solutions tailored to your brand

Conveys a company’s personality and unique tone, adding to their brand

Every color, photo, and font on your website will bring your brand to life and tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Solutions tailored to your brand

Provides a platform of trust for the visitor, displaying compelling content and value-added material

Potential customers will feel confident in their decision to visit your website with the ability to easily find the information they were looking for.

Solutions tailored to your brand

Presents a multimedia experience, with appealing visuals, photography, and videos

Your eCommerce website design will captivate each visitor at every turn, encouraging them to convert into dedicated customers and advocates.

Build Trust, Engage & Add Value

Establishing an original identity is imperative for a business focused on attracting the consumer. Consumers are drawn to personality and color, illustrative images and easy to comprehend information. At Online Stores Hub, our eCommerce website design strategy focuses on exemplifying your brand in a memorable way, clearly communicating with consumers, and promoting business growth.

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eCommerce Web Design Success Factors

eCommerce website design by Online Stores Hub is based on three important factors that help elevate your eCommerce success. Your new website will provide value to your customers, work on all levels of the sales cycle, and establish trust in your brand. Keeping these three factors in mind, your website can do all the talking for you.

Drawing on Emotion

A consumer’s actions are driven by emotion, whether that be from seeing an eye-catching and interesting photo, or from a cleverly crafted tagline. There are numerous ways to evoke emotion which are all dependent on the industry, target audience, and the product or service being sold. A Online Stores Hub eCommerce website does the research to discover what draws in visitors in a particular market and is crafted accordingly.

Owning Your Brand Identity

A Online Stores Hub eCommerce website conveys the unique tone, identity, and value of a company while providing a visitor an immediate taste of what it has to offer. This is done through themes, original photography, custom content, videos, and value-added content. It takes a business’s brand and ensures that it encompasses the entirety of the website, marketing materials, and product positioning. A Online Stores Hub website uses branding as the bridge between the business and the consumer.

Increasing Conversions

A consumer driven business’s website must have curb appeal in order to grab visitors’ attention and convert them to customers. An eCommerce website is built around stylistic, eye catching elements that are appealing to your target demographic and beyond. The idea behind a Online Stores Hub design is to intrigue the viewer and effectively communicate how they can benefit from a specific business’s products or services. Although a Online Stores Hub eCcommerce website is crafted to be visually captivating for visitors, the main goal is always to highlight the value you can provide to your customer’s lives.


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