Account Reinstatement

If you're having problems with your Amazon seller's account, our Amazon account reinstatement service will get your account up and live in no time.


We have a 99% success rate with account reinstatement at Amazon. We have helped our clients resolve a wide range of issues such as multiple Amazon accounts, inauthentic product complaints, review manipulation, negative customer feedback, and others. Our team of experts specializes in reinstating Amazon sellers’ accounts.

How We Do It

Fill in the consultation form. Please include suspension notice to speed up the review.

If we can help, payment instructions will be sent to you.

We will then send you a bespoke appeal letter and plan of action to submit.

Wait for Amazon's response to your appeal. "Your Amazon account has been reinstated".

Back to start selling again.

Amazon account suspensions we can assist you with:

  • Inauthentic or counterfeit item
  • Intellectual property
  • Product safety complaints
  • Listing do not match detail page
  • Used item sold as new
  • Not as advertised
  • Multiple Amazon accounts
  • Review manipulation
  • Negative customer feedback
  • Restricted products
  • Price fixing
  • Fulfillment by merchant issues

Multiple Amazon Accounts

To cater to you with multiple account issues, we have a team of legal experts dedicated to handling them. Our Amazon account reinstatement specialist knows how to save your multiple accounts from getting suspended or even fight a case if it's already suspended and make it up and live so you can start earning from it again.

Inauthentic Product Complaints

Inauthentic complaints are taken seriously by Amazon. The sale of counterfeit products on Amazon is strictly forbidden, but sometimes Amazon bans your store if it fails to meet Amazon's unknown standards. And that's where our Amazon seller account reinstatement services come in! With our deep sea knowledge and expertise, our legal team takes charge of your account and makes it live again.

Intellectual Property Issues & Complaints

Our Amazon account reinstatement specialist can assist you in addressing and resolving any intellectual property issues or complaints that may arise on Amazon. This includes identifying infringing listings, submitting complaints to Amazon, and working with legal counsel to protect your intellectual property rights. We will work diligently to ensure that your brand and products are protected on the platform.

Review Manipulation

We can assist you in addressing and resolving review manipulation issues on Amazon. Our Amazon account reinstatement service includes identifying fake reviews, removing them, and implementing strategies to prevent future manipulation. We will work closely with Amazon's policies and guidelines to ensure that your account stays in good standing and help you to reinstate it.

Negative Customer Feedback

We can assist you with reinstating the negative customer feedback issue on Amazon. Our Amazon account reinstatement specialist will work with Amazon to resolve and restore your reputation on the platform and give your store a new life.

Restricted Products

Our Amazon account reinstatement specialist can assist you with reinstating products that have been restricted by Amazon due to policy violations or other issues. We will work with the Amazon team to identify the problem and resolve the issue and get your products back on the platform.

Items Not as Described

Our Amazon seller account reinstatement services can help you resolve and reinstate your account if it has been suspended due to the items not being as the described issue on Amazon. Our team of experts will work with you to understand the problem, gather the necessary information and evidence, and communicate with Amazon on your behalf to have your account reinstated. We will also help you implement measures to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

Price Fixing

The account reinstatement on Amazon can help you reinstate your products and resolve price-fixing issues on Amazon. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate through the process and ensure your products are back on the platform on time.

Fulfillment By Merchant Issues

We have helped numerous clients with Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) issues on Amazon, resulting in the successful reinstatement of their suspended accounts and resumed sales. Our team of Amazon account reinstatement specialists has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex FBM policy and guidelines, and we work closely with our clients to address any violations and implement solutions to prevent future issues.